Falafel Wrap فلافل

Ingredients: Deep-fried bean and fine herb croquettes served with tahine sauce. Contains sesame

Delivering a satisfying crunch outside and mealy tenderness inside, our street-vendor-inspired falafel wrap is the perfect way to fulfill your craving for a fast, flavorful meal.

Our meticulous falafel preparation begins with soaking dried chickpeas overnight in water. Then, the chickpeas are ground and mixed with fresh parsley, onion and a medley of ‘secret’ spices. A dash of cayenne is added for a hit of heat. Finally, falafel pieces are shaped into oblong discs with squared-off ends and fried until coppery-brown.

The falafel is placed inside of our house-baked wrap — a fluffy, wholesome bread that’s just hearty enough to hold the crispy-crunchy pieces. As a finishing touch, the wrap is garnished with a range of condiments including lettuce, onion and tomato.

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