Grilled Spicy Kafta Wrap كفتة خشخاش

Ingredients: Charcoal-grilled skewers of minced lamb, served on a bed of spicy sauce. Served with bread. Contains wheat (gluten).

Seasoned ground lamb is combined with fresh onions, garlic and parsley to create a harmony of flavors. The combination is then charcoal-grilled, infusing the Kafta with notes of smoke and wood.

As a spicy contrast, the grilled kafta is topped with a peppery red sauce. Aleppo chili brings a warming kick, while fresh tomatoes offer an extra dimension of robustness.

For the finishing touch, we add a tangy yogurt sauce, a refreshing cucumber and tomato salad, and Mediterranean-style pickles — and place it all inside one of our light and wholesome wraps.

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