Hommos with Shawarma حمص شاورما

Ingredients: Chickpea purée with sesame paste, lemon juice and an olive oil dressing, topped with sliced or diced marinated lamb. Contains milk, sesame and nuts*

In this Lebanese favourite, our signature hommos shawarma or awarma is homemade Hommos topped with pan fried, diced lamb, creating layers of tempting flavors.

The dazzling lamb is the focus of this dish. To achieve the most tender Shawarma possible, we immerse leg of lamb overnight in a marinade of fresh onions, peppers, garlic, cumin and other herbs and spices. The result is falling-apart-succulent lamb that will exceed your expectations for flavor. We then take diced cuts of meat and fry it to perfection, before laying it on a generous mound of Hommos.

For our Hommos, freshly cooked chickpeas are mixed with precisely measured amounts of tahini, garlic, lemon, cumin and salt, creating a delicious earthiness. The ingredients are then pureed to achieve just the right consistency.

Garnished with a splash of olive oil, parsley and paprika, and served with a side of house-baked pita bread.

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