Mixed Shawarma شاورما مشكلة

Ingredients: Roasted thin slices of marinated prime lamb and chicken, sesame oil sauce and garlic sauce, onion, parsley, tomato and pickles. Contains sesame, gluten (wheat)

Combining all of the flavors you love, our Mixed Shawarma (roasted lamb and chicken) will satisfy your craving for the tantalizing pleasures of the best of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Honoring the traditional preparation of this much-loved meal, we marinate our lamb and chicken for a full day before slow-roasting it in its own juices. Thinly cut slices of tender meat are then perfectly seasoned with a medley of fresh herbs and spices, creating a luxuriously full-flavored dish that will test the limits of your appetite.

A tangy yogurt sauce — containing yogurt, lemon juice, finely minced garlic, dill and salt — completes the meal, bringing an irresistible zest to the smoky-savory richness.

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