Shawarma Chicken Wrap شاورما دجاج

Ingredients: Roasted thin slices of marinated chicken breast, served with garlic sauce, tomato and bread. Contains gluten (wheat)

Exotically spiced Shawarma Chicken peeled right from the spit is a savory revelation, combining intoxicating flavors and savory meat into an unforgettable meal.

This wrap combines the juicy tenderness of roasted chicken with the subtle sweetness of vegetables and herbs. The meat is marinated overnight with fresh onions, peppers, garlic, cumin and other tantalizing spices — a preparation that really helps it come to life with flavor.

To balance out all that meaty richness, the chicken is served inside a pita wrap. Baked fresh daily, our Middle Eastern wrap bread boasts delicious chew and softness. Its perfect thickness is made for holding hefty Shawarma meat and other fillings, while soaking up and preserving all of the savory juices.

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