Shish Taouk Wrap شيش طاووق

Ingredients: Charcoal-grilled skewer of marinated chicken cubes, served with or without garlic sauce Served with bread. Contains wheat (gluten).

Perfect for garlic lovers, Shish Taouk is our signature Lebanese chicken dish that’s so simple, yet so delicious.

To give it the ultimate tenderness, cubed chicken breast is marinated in crushed garlic and herbs. The meat is then charcoal-grilled to deep golden-brown perfection.

For even more garlic intensity, the chicken is topped with a roasted garlic aioli. This sauce offers a zesty taste that complements the smoky-grilled notes of the chicken. Shish Taouk is served inside of a warm, house-baked pita wrap — the perfect way to absorb all of the flavor and juices.

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